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Scent of a bride

I think I’ve found my signature scent for our wedding day! It’s light and fresh and my Mom thought it was just ‘heavenly.’ Perfect.

And I love Sephora’s description:
Style: Classic. Pure. Hypnotic.’


Will you be wearing a special scent?


  1. LC LC

    I wore J’Adore by Dior on my wedding day. It is so beautiful and my husband loved it. I wear it occasionally and it brings back all of the wedding memories!

  2. I normally wear Versace bright crystal, but I haven’t picked out my wedding day scent yet. I want it to be something different than I wear everyday. I’m going to have to check out that Prada scent though! It sounds enticing!

  3. I think I may wear my favorite Cartier scent. I only pull it out for very special occasions! I think my wedding counts! 😉

  4. I still had some of the perfume left that I wore on our first official date four years earlier…I hadn’t worn it since then, but he still recognized it and said, “you smell so nice!”

    It’s one of my faves but I always forget about it; I was glad to have remembered for our wedding day!

    It’s called Muschio Bianco and it’s by Acca Kappa–a divine herbal/floral that still smells really clean and fresh. Sort of a grown-up version of the Body Shop’s white musk (which I wore obsessively as a teenager!)

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