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Decisions, decisions …

Since migrating South, there’s been one thing I’ve missed like mad about the North: Fall weather! The trees here are all still green and while the weather has taken a bit of a dip, there is no crisp coolness that always ushered in the new season up North. I miss watching the colorful leaves dance to the ground and hearing their crunch beneath my feet. I miss that energy that permeated the air.
All of this got me thinking … maybe instead of taking our honeymoon to another warm and beachy locale, we should re-visit some chilly Fall days and enjoy what we used to take for granted. We started thinking about the possibility of Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard/Kennebunkport/Bar Harbor.
We have to make a decision pretty soon and are trying to weigh this option against a more tropical locale. What do you think?

{ Laura Novak photo of Martha’s Vineyard, and, yes, obviously not in the Fall but it was so pretty I couldn’t resist!}

Okay, so …

{Pumpkin lattes, scarves, chilly hikes and cuddling}

… or …

{Margaritas, swimsuits, hammocks and snorkeling}?

Which would you choose?


  1. oh boy… that IS a tough decision.

  2. Cyd Cyd

    Easy! I would pick fall in New England, all the way! Find a great bed and breakfast with a fireplace in your room, go apple picking, snuggle under covers, go out for long walks through the trees. Take advantage of something you don’t get all of the time! I’m in Upstate NY and the trees are starting to turn and it’s just sensational. I made my first big pot of chili for dinner on Sunday and brought the throw blankets out for the living room. A fall honeymoon sounds like perfection.

  3. You know, with this economy, I would do NE. Your money would help stateside and any B&B would be delighted to host newlyweds. I think it would be both tres chic and patriotic!!

  4. I recently just moved from New York to Memphis and am having the same fall withdrawals! I say new england, all the way!

  5. We recently moved from Boston to North Carolina and I am missing New England in the Fall too! There is just something about Boston in the Fall 🙂 I think Martha’s Vineyard in the Fall would be so nice!

  6. My fiance and I are going to Chicago for our honeymoon in 6 weeks! We live in SW Florida a mile from the beach. We never go, we’re sick of the sunshine, and miss Fall. We had a luxurious trip to the Dominican Republic planned and cancelled it because we weren’t excited to go sit on a beach that is just like ours. I say go to the NE. I think it is so romantic and unique. In particular I LOVE Bar Harbor, Maine. It is the cutest town. I would fly into Boston and then drive up the coast in Maine and see all the cute towns and wonderful surroundings.

  7. I’m from the northeast, and went to grad school in Louisiana, then moved to LA permanently. The only season I miss is the fall, so I try to visit at least once a year during that time. But I could never, ever live there again…because of what comes AFTER the fall…snowfall. I shudder at the thought.

  8. Very tough. My gut says summery locale, but I burn easy….so…..fall? Golly, let us know what you decide!

  9. I was lucky enough to vist Kennebunkport last summer and MV/Newport this summer…and it is so romantic and pretty and all I kept thinking was how much I wanted to go in the fall. I’d have to was Kennebunkport was my favorite…it was amazing and oh how I wish I could have been all bundled up with some hot chocolate taking a walk and looking at the trees. Plus…my motto is “when everyone is turning right, go left.” just do it!

  10. Wow, I am surprised that I am the lone person here to say go with the tropical location. I LOOOOOVE the fall, I am a North Easterner (from NY – now in DC) and I love NE. But, I also feel like the New England trip is really great for a long weekend. If I were you I would, plan the Caribbean jaunt and then plan a long weekend in New England for your first anniversary! As much as I am looking forward to our wedding, I am looking forward to the honeymoon even more and can’t wait to be sipping coladas and spending loads of time in the caribbean cottage we rented!
    Also, I have to say, sometimes staying stateside is not necessarily cheaper.
    But…either way you will be on your honeymoon and it will be fantastic!!!

  11. Kim Kim

    I’m with you Mrs. In May — go for a long weeekend in NE and tropical for the honeymoon! You can always make the trip to NE since its domestic but when are you going to have the opportunity to go on an exotic beachy trip but for your honeymoon? That’s my thought. I’m from sunny southern Cali where there is absolutely no fall and my fiance and I are still planning a beach/tropical honeymoon. We’re going to Tahiti and like Mrs. In May might be looking forward to that just as much, if not more, than the wedding!!

  12. Hi there! We just got back from our honeymoon in Northern WI. We stayed at the best b&b ever. It was fabulous. Our room overlooked Lake Michigan and we woke to leaves falling and the waves on the lake. I think fall is really romantic, so I guess I am a bit biased. You will have a blast at either destination Good luck planning!

  13. I’m from Phoenix where we have NO weather, so I would LOVE to be in a place that had fall!!! Give me the pumpkin lattes and scarves any day!

  14. I’m all about the hiking and scarves. My FH and I want to go up to Canada for our honeymoon to enjoy the wilderness and the cold. Mmm… nothing says romantic like cocoa in front of a fire!

  15. I have to give a vote to the South! I’m in North FL & even if it’s warm, we get some beautiful weather that can’t be beat! You can play outside or in or both.

  16. Anonymous Anonymous

    I think the most important thing about travel is seeing whatever is new so Id go somewhere you have never been! My fiancee and I lived in Italy together and while we want to go back for the memories we are looking towards Scandinivia because we’ve never been and who knows when we’ll have the excuse to travel like this again.

  17. I vote fall too! I’m a Connecticut native living in Ireland and there’s no trace of real Fall here – seems like trees go from green to brown! And none of those crisp fall days – either cool or wet! Fall, all the way. I was sold when you used ‘cuddling’ – totally better than snorkeling! ;0) Good luck!

  18. mmm a new england fall sounds heavenly!

  19. I say definitely NE! Growing up in the South makes me cherish visiting family in the NE every fall/winter. I can’t think of anything mroe romantic than cuddling up with your new hubby when there is a chill in the air.

  20. Abby Abby

    NEW ENGLAND! I just recently moved from San Francisco to Boston. I missed the East Coast the entire time I lived in San Francisco.

    There is nothing better than the feeling of the crisp leaves underneath your feet, burnt orange and burgundy colors, oversized sweatshirts and corduroy and the aroma of hot apple cider and sugar cookies! It just feels like home.

  21. Being that you say you are a classic bride I would go for New England. It has such charm. I was thinking of a Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard wedding myself. Its so beautiful there.

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